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I am enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. I have been working here at Prairie Edge since 1989. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with so many talented artists and crafts people.

Prairie Edge Fine Art gallery has added more art for the new season. Local photographs are very popular as they give the collector an opportunity to remember how beautiful South Dakota is.

New to the gallery is photographer, Cristen J. Roghair of Okaton, SD. South Dakota’s prairie is the main subject of her art, especially that surround her ranch home that she and her family live and work on. Over the years of photographing the prairie she says she has grown to deeply love the land which fuels her passion to share its beauty through her art.

“Often overlooked and classified as the ‘fly over states’ are those that contain the prairie. I have come to view the prairie as anything but ‘fly over.’ I have discovered deep lines in the contrast of shadows, vibrant skies in the wide open spaces, and rich landscapes no matter the season. There is a song in the wind, harmony in the waving prairie grasses and the grand percussion of sunrise to sunset. The clouds are big and full of life, the storms so close you can reach out and feel the electricity.”

Cristen prefers a more traditional approach to photography and wants the majority of her work to be accomplished in-camera, without digital manipulation. She has captured some incredible images of the prairie, the Badlands and the Black Hills of South Dakota. The images can be printed on paper, canvas, or metal, each format giving the image a different finished look. We are pleased to represent her work and will carry a variety of images, formats and sizes here at Prairie Edge.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Prairie Edge and Sioux Trading Post want to wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2018. We are getting everything wrapped up from 2017 and are now making our plans for this year. Retail is tough but it’s not like we haven’t weathered every storm or leaped over every obstacle.

This year, our buyers are out, with everyone else, looking for that awesome new thing that will bring joy or usefulness to your life. There’s always the tried and true items like Pendleton and Filson and of course the most awesome beadwork and quillwork our area has to offer, but there has to be something, we will keep you updated on how it goes!

Our social media is alive with comments and folks looking forward to coming for the first time or for the 100th, it’s a must see! 132 years later and our building still stands as a pinnacle of great Native American artwork, local and regional artwork, one of the best book collections, and a huge selection of craft supplies and botanicals from local Lakota families and so much more.

Come see us or visit us on-line, we are here for you.

What’s Happening in the Store:

We are hosting this year’s Bison Association Reception. This collection of ranchers and environmentally conscious folks come together every year during the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. It’s a pleasure to have them and to be able to share the news on Buffalo ranching.

Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo:

During the month of January, the city of Rapid City will be hosting the 60th Annual Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo.  Thousands of people will come to Rapid City to see the Stock Show and Rodeo and enjoy themselves while they are here.

Here at the store, we have items that complement the Western style of decoration.  Our premium buffalo robes will add to any décor.  You can hang it up on the wall, throw it on the couch, bed, or use it as a rug to give your living room that rustic look.

Also, a buffalo skull will complement any western style decorated house.  If you have a steer skull or a set of longhorns hanging up, you can add a buffalo skull.

If you find yourself in Rapid City, South Dakota this week, swing on into Prairie Edge and check us out!

Prairie Edge Fine Art Gallery welcomes back the Artists of the Black Hills for their third annual “Great Small Works” holiday miniature art show. Thirty two professional artists from the group have created original works of art which will be for sale through the end of the month. A reception will take place Friday, December 8 from 5-7pm with a drawing for artist Mary B. Hunt’s “Birth Records” at 6pm. For further information please contact us at 1-800-541-2388 or view the ABH website.

Come enjoy the show all month long and share in the joy of the season.


Muskrat and Skunk: Sinkpe na Maka (A Lakota Drum Story).

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, Prairie Edge Book and Music store will be hosting an author’s book signing by our friend and colleague Don Montileaux. Don is an enrolled member of the Oglala/Lakota, Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation of South Dakota and has established himself as a respected Fine Art artist, Author and Mentor.

Don has been a supporter of Lakota youth and has mentored many young artists in our area.

Don Montileaux’s latest children’s book, Muskrat and Skunk (Sinkpe na Maka), A Lakota Drum Story, tells of the very first pow-wow on earth. Written in both the English and Lakota languages, Montileaux’s story is brimful of delightful woodland scenes by the author himself. (Agnes Gay provides the Lakota translation of the English text.)

In the beginning, there was a muskrat and a skunk living in the forest. Both discover tools of nature that allow them to create drumbeats on a log. The music they create, the drumbeats, entice an entire population of woodland creatures into a circle of dance. The contemporary Lakota pow-wow mirrors the dance animated by the charming animal illustrations in the book.

A story which would entertain a wide range of readers, especially with its emphasis on Lakota translation, and the author’s fantastic and fun animal drawings, the book is primarily a children’s book. It was funded, in part, by the Great Plains Education Foundation, Inc., in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and the author dedicates the book to ‘ …all the grandchildren in the world.’

Don will be available here, in the store from 11am – 2pm to talk about his newest children’s storytelling book Muskrat and Skunk: Sinkpe na Maka, A Lakota Drum Story and his other children’s stories that are available in the book and music store. Join us to help celebrate this wonderful artist, author and friend.

May 6th is our 2017 Open House event. We are excited to show off the many new products we are carrying this season and many of the “tried and true” items such as Star Quilts, Pendleton blankets, Filson clothing, jewelry and more! We are expecting artists and crafts folk who will show off their talents in so many ways. We will be serving food and refreshments. There will be sign ups for door prizes from Filson and a main event prize from American Dakota Rug Company.

Our doors open at 10:00am and we will be here until 6:00pm, artists will be set up between 11am – 3pm. Stop in and enjoy the works of these local artists & crafts people, this will also be your chance to have a good visit with them. We’ll have,

Wade Patton, Oil Pastel and Ledger artist (Rapid City, SD)
Del Iron Cloud, Acrylic & Watercolor artist (Rapid City, SD)
Susan Gulbranson, Pine Needle Baskets (Rapid City, SD)
Don Farnsworth, Wood Turning (Keystone, SD)
Kevin Fast Horse, Sr. (Rapid City, SD)
Emily Ravenshead (Custer,SD)
Caroline Ravenshead (Custer, SD)
Chris Ravenshead (Daddy)
Sandy K of “Sandy K Design”  (Wyoming)
Kristie Schuft “Gravity” (Spearfish, SD)
Dove Creek Pottery (Hot Springs, SD)
Hester Prouty of Prouty Pottery (Rapid City, SD)
Alistair Bane Star Quilts (Denver, CO)
Erich Orris (Rapid City, SD)
Darren Thompson Flute Player (Rapid City, SD)
William Matson Book Author (Black Hills, SD)

You can’t escape it, May 14th is Mother’s Day and we have a veritable plethora of gift ideas for your special gift needs. So many of these items are the gifts that keep on giving like jewelry, books, music, Fine Art and decorative house wares. Let us know if we can help in anyway, we can always send images along with pricing so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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