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I am enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. I have been working here at Prairie Edge since 1989. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with so many talented artists and crafts people.

May 6th is our 2017 Open House event. We are excited to show off the many new products we are carrying this season and many of the “tried and true” items such as Star Quilts, Pendleton blankets, Filson clothing, jewelry and more! We are expecting artists and crafts folk who will show off their talents in so many ways. We will be serving food and refreshments. There will be sign ups for door prizes from Filson and a main event prize from American Dakota Rug Company.

Our doors open at 10:00am and we will be here until 6:00pm, artists will be set up between 11am – 3pm. Stop in and enjoy the works of these local artists & crafts people, this will also be your chance to have a good visit with them. We’ll have,

Wade Patton, Oil Pastel and Ledger artist (Rapid City, SD)
Del Iron Cloud, Acrylic & Watercolor artist (Rapid City, SD)
Susan Gulbranson, Pine Needle Baskets (Rapid City, SD)
Don Farnsworth, Wood Turning (Keystone, SD)
Kevin Fast Horse, Sr. (Rapid City, SD)
Emily Ravenshead (Custer,SD)
Caroline Ravenshead (Custer, SD)
Chris Ravenshead (Daddy)
Sandy K of “Sandy K Design”  (Wyoming)
Kristie Schuft “Gravity” (Spearfish, SD)
Dove Creek Pottery (Hot Springs, SD)
Hester Prouty of Prouty Pottery (Rapid City, SD)
Alistair Bane Star Quilts (Denver, CO)
Erich Orris (Rapid City, SD)
Darren Thompson Flute Player (Rapid City, SD)
William Matson Book Author (Black Hills, SD)

You can’t escape it, May 14th is Mother’s Day and we have a veritable plethora of gift ideas for your special gift needs. So many of these items are the gifts that keep on giving like jewelry, books, music, Fine Art and decorative house wares. Let us know if we can help in anyway, we can always send images along with pricing so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here is a big heads up on our annual Open House. May 6th will bring featured artisans, authors and storytellers to promote and premiere all that is new in the store. Your chance to come in, meet some truly creative people and enjoy a snack! There will be in house drawings as well. Look for more information coming in May’s newsletter and social media.

At this time we know that Sandy K Designs, Prouty Pottery, Alistair Bane, Dove Creek Designs, and Darren Thompson will be joining us to show off their crafts and skills. We are very excited about this event and hope that all of you can make it.

Look for those updates on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and see you in May!

On April 28th we are hosting a book signing for the author of “Neither Wolf Nor Dog”. Dr. Kent Nerburn will be signing his acclaimed book from 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm, then join the author as he watches the movie “Neither Wolf Nor Dog”, produced and directed by Steven Lewis Simpson. The movie and book signing are part of events during the Black Hills Film Festival. You must be a VIP ticket holder to see the movie at the Elk’s Theatre, then after the movie there will be a Q&A and discussion about Race and Civility. This paneled discussion will be moderated by Charles Abourezk. The author Dr. Kent Nerburn, producer/director Steven Lewis Simpson and actor Christopher Sweeney will be participating.

We look forward to the day when the movie will also be available for public purchase but until then here is an opportunity to see it.

Himalayan Salt Lamps, What is the big deal? Well, let us tell you a little something about them. It is described as adding to your environment some fresh air, helping to cleanse the air you breath of dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and other contaminants.

They give off a soft glow and as they warm up, they absorb pollutants from the air and emit clean particles into your air. Each lamp has a weight and the weight will correspond with your room size. Easy to use, just plug in and let it do the job of cleansing your area.

From the Himalayan Salt mines in the Himalayans.

Available now at Prairie Edge and the Sioux Trading Post.

Call us with questions and availability at 800-541-2388 or e-mail

Well the purge continues and Anita has reduced our CD selection, now there has been some speculation about this and let us clear up the rumors, we are still carrying music but we realize we cannot compete with MP3 which is the direction most performers are going, it is cheaper then pressing a CD and reaches a much larger audience. We still carry the best selection of Native American ceremonial music and lots of books. We’ve increased our selection of Out-of-Print books and are adding new books to our contemporary selections.

This newest book, “A Warrior of the People”, is the story of the first female Native American doctor. She studied hard, made the sacrifices and became a doctor for her people. She was inspired to become a doctor when she witnessed a white doctor’s refusal to treat a Native American patient, the patient died from the neglect but it galvanized a young person into becoming what her people needed the most, a qualified physician. Read more about her in the book by Joe Starita.