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I am enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. I have been working here at Prairie Edge since 1989. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with so many talented artists and crafts people.

Well the purge continues and Anita has reduced our CD selection, now there has been some speculation about this and let us clear up the rumors, we are still carrying music but we realize we cannot compete with MP3 which is the direction most performers are going, it is cheaper then pressing a CD and reaches a much larger audience. We still carry the best selection of Native American ceremonial music and lots of books. We’ve increased our selection of Out-of-Print books and are adding new books to our contemporary selections.

This newest book, “A Warrior of the People”, is the story of the first female Native American doctor. She studied hard, made the sacrifices and became a doctor for her people. She was inspired to become a doctor when she witnessed a white doctor’s refusal to treat a Native American patient, the patient died from the neglect but it galvanized a young person into becoming what her people needed the most, a qualified physician. Read more about her in the book by Joe Starita.

Nancy and the girls have stocked some pretty exciting bling, they are now carrying regalia pins, butterflies or dragonflies. They are sparkly and pretty and are available in gold tones or silver tones. These are the perfect accessory for your Pow Wow regalia!

They’ve also added a nice selection of dressy shawls and blankets. Nancy and the crew stay in touch with their customer needs by providing contemporary and traditional products for all your crafting and Pow Wow needs and new items will be arriving as the season goes on.

March is the great bead sale (20% off glass beads, some exceptions apply), we try to help our crafters who are kicking off Pow Wow season at the Denver March Pow Wow, this is one of North America’s largest Pow Wow’s and folks are excited for good competition, catching up with family and friends and checking out the latest styles for regalia. If you’ve ever wondered what the hype is all about this is the place to “Check it out!” Open to the public.

Nancy and Frank will be traveling to Eagle Butte for a Book/Bead mobile trip on March 17th. They will be bringing books, calendars, sale CD’s, botanicals, craft supplies and anything else they can get into the van. If you have a special need and would like us to bring something for you please feel free to call us toll free at 800-456-3394 or 800-541-2388, we can also be reached by e-mail at or, we will add the item and tag it with your name.

Let’s all get ready for a wonderful Pow Wow season and remember folks Waci Waci !!!!

Yep, folks, it’s been that long for us. Prairie Edge started small and then evolved into a cornerstone business of downtown Rapid City, SD.

Our business began in a chicken coop outside of Sturgis SD and then eventually moved to Rapid City, SD. Rapid City has become the permanent home of Prairie Edge.

We opened our small gallery in historic downtown Rapid City in March of 1988. It was met with some opposition but we persevered and proved that we were important for the growth of our community. There were already some shining examples of businesses that carried some Native American artwork and certainly the collection from the Sioux Indian Museum was worthy of a look, but to actually get your hands on a quality remake of historical pieces by Native American artists, that was truly the trick for collectors. Well then along came Prairie Edge, the very concept of Prairie Edge has been to represent the Northern Plains Native Americans.

Rapid City was already the home of many Native American artists and they truly needed a place that appreciated their art and would pay them a fair price for their work. We’ve strived to maintain the highest standards for fair prices and fought the rumor mill when it came to folks who accused us of price gouging which has been the practice of other galleries.

We built relationships based on mutual respect, learned about each others cultures, quirks and pushed each other to be better than the norm. The natural abilities of each artist has just gotten better over the years and that’s not bragging as our collectors will attest to this statement.

We’ve also established a place in our community. We reached out to important events like the Lakota Nation Invitational, the Language Summit, the He Sapa Wacipi (Black Hills Pow Wow), all of the area schools including the reservations and our downtown. We maintain a relationship with law enforcement, city government and other businesses in the downtown area, we can pretty much tell you about every restaurant, gallery and boutique within walking distance of our store.

Our long term goal is to remain a cornerstone of downtown Rapid City beyond the next 38 years and we will continue to provide a venue for our Native American artists, authors and performers, one that respects their culture and a place that they can be proud to say “Hey, my stuff is there.”

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, we are nothing without our customers and supporters.

It is with deepest respect that we share news of the passing of author/illustrator and long-time friend, Paul Goble. Over the last nearly five decades, Paul has dedicated his life to writing and illustrating Native American storybooks.

The highly anticipated biography “Paul Goble: Storyteller” written by Gregory Bryan over the last several years will be released with a book signing here at Prairie Edge on Saturday, January 21 from 11:00am-2:00pm. Books and original illustrations by Paul Goble will be featured. Paul’s son and daughter-in-law will be here between 11:00am-1:00pm with a tribute being held here at 12:00pm in lieu of a public funeral.

Paul Goble’s contribution to the lives of so many throughout the world will continue to bless the hearts and minds of future generations. Please come celebrate the life and legacy of this generous, thoughtful, talented and dedicated man. He will truly be missed.

Come meet the author of Paul Goble, Storyteller

This is the first biography about Paul Goble and will be released at the end of January, 2017.

The book signing will be January 21, 2017 (Saturday) from 11am – 2pm. Come meet the author and get your copy of the book “Paul Goble, Storyteller”

Paul Goble: Cutting-edge and sometimes controversial, the stunning art of Paul Goble (b.1933) evokes many emotions. Known internationally for his award-winning children’s books, Goble began his career in design and crafting furniture that was produced throughout the United Kingdom. This early work foreshadowed his use of clean, crisp lines in his later illustrations depicting the natural world and American Indian themes.

Throughout his life, Goble has steeped himself in nature, honing his craft among the pine trees of South Dakota’s Black Hills for the past forty years. Starting in 1969, Goble used his art to relate little-known stories of the Lakota Sioux and other tribes to a wider audience. He received the Caldecott Medal for The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses in 1979.

In Paul Goble, Storyteller, author Gregory Bryan interviewed Goble, his family, friends and those whose work he influenced to tell the artist’s story. Bryan captures an intriguing life that few Americans are familiar with, including Goble’s childhood in wartimeEngland. Building on this foundation, Bryan’s narrative follows the young boy as his penchant for learning led him to a lifelong fascination with the lives and cultures of the American Indians on the Great Plains.

Gregory Bryan delivers an insightful, behind the scenes look at this well known illustrator and writer, whose artwork is located in collections and institutions throughout the country, including the Library of Congress and the South Dakota Art Museum. Goble has written and illustrated more than forty books for children. The book features sketches and stories about Goble’s creative process in writing, designing and illustrating his bestselling works.

Gregory Bryan earned his master’s at Brigham Young University and his doctorate from the University of British Columbia. He is currently a professor of education at the University of Manitoba, specializing in literacy education and children’s literature. Born and raised in Australia, Bryan lives in Winnipeg with his wife and their two children.