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Pow Wow

Pow Wow

  1. Pow wow music by Ironwood Singers: Live at Rosebud Fair

    Ironwood Singers - Traditional Songs of the Sioux - Live at Rosebud Fair

    The Ironwood Singers can sing many kinds of songs, but their specialty is their traditional songs and their ability to sing exactly the right song for a particular occasion and to sing it well. Learn More
  2. Standing Horse - Live at Flandreau 2012

    Standing Horse - Live at Flandreau 2012

    Recorded live at the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribal Community 50th Annual Traditional Mdewakanton Wacipi, July 20, 21 & 22... (It Was Hot!!) Learn More
  3. Iron Boy Singers - Live at Prairie Island 2012

    Iron Boy - Live at Prairie Island

    Hailing from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, the Iron Boy Singers combine raw power with classic rhythm and style to the ring of dancers bells that can only by captured live and on location with the highest quality digital sound from Bear Tracks. Learn More
  4. He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate - 26th Annual 2012

    He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate - 26th Annual 2012

    Another exciting sampling of the 2012 Black Hills Pow Wow.

    If you did not get a chance to see the Pow Wow, this album will help you enjoy the historic sounds of Indian Country from the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Learn More
  5. Black Lodge Singers, More Children's Pow Wow Songs (version 2)

    Black Lodge Singers - Kid's Pow Wow Songs (vol 1 & 2)

    Starting at: $18.50

    The Black Lodge Singers created these songs specially for children to dance during pow wows or anytime just for fun! These are their "pow wow-ed" versions of popular children's songs - lyrics are sung in English and set to a pow wow beat. Learn More
  6. Earl Bullhead - Keeper Of The Drum

    Earl Bullhead - Keeper Of The Drum

    Traditional singing with Lakota and English narrative translation. Learn More
  7. Midnite Express - Wicahpi Izita (Shooting Star)

    Midnite Express - Wicahpi Izita (Shooting Star)

    Recorded live at Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow outside Phoenix, Arizona. The sounds of Midnite Express are heard here in tribute to the late Tanner Albers. Learn More
  8. Wayne Silas Jr. - True

    Wayne Silas Jr. - True

    With lyrics that tell tales of infatuation, yearning, and pure love, acclaimed singer Wayne Silas Jr. expresses the romantic life of a modern Native American man through the rhythms of the Round Dance. Learn More
  9. Brave Heart - Live At Prairie Island Wacipi

    Brave Heart - Live At Prairie Island Wacipi

    The Brave Heart Singers are proud to present their newest recording with songs straight from the heart of Oglala country - Cante T'inza means Brave Heart in Lakota and is the given name of the drum.

    Please enjoy this fine collection of songs from the Brave Heart Singers, live at the Prairie Island Wacipi. Learn More
  10. Native American Music: Nakoa Heavy Runner, No Borders

    Nakoa Heavy Runner - No Borders

    This is the fourth album by this multi talented artist Nakoa Heavy Runner. He is joined by many friends that help to round out a well balanced sound. Learn More

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