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Native American Flute

Native American Flute

  1. Bryan Akipa - Songs From The Black Hills

    Bryan Akipa - Songs From The Black Hills

    Bryan Akipa is a tribal member of the proud Dakota nation. His flute solos in this album introduces the listener to the traditions of the Sioux people...and their sacred Black Hills. Learn More
  2. Native American flute music by Bryan Akipa: Eagle Dreams

    Bryan Akipa - Eagle Dreams

    Traditional red cedar flute aria with a celebration of birdsong. Come closer to the light of nature and Native culture. Let the melody of the flute and music of the birds be your teacher. Relax. Enjoy. Learn More
  3. Bryan Akipa - Song Of the Aspen

    Bryan Akipa - Song Of the Aspen

    It is my hope to represent the elegance of the Traditional Red Cedar Flute Songs sweet, graceful, melodies from the heart of history. Learn More
  4. Jeff Ball - Return To Balance

    Jeff Ball - Return To Balance

    Much of the music on this recording was used on the soundtrack for the inspirational film "Return to Balance, A Climber's Journey." Learn More
  5. Keith Bear - Earthlodge

    Keith Bear - Earthlodge

    Mandan-Hidatsa storyteller and flute player, Keith Bear, shares songs of his people, recorded as they were first played, in a Mandan earthlodge built on the plains of the Dakotas. Learn More
  6. Kevin Locke - Love Songs Of The Lakota

    Kevin Locke - Love Songs Of The Lakota

    “The Lakota love song is a unique form quite distinct melodically from the rest of Lakota music. The songs are dream like and were often intoned in the hush of the evening. The flute player would discretely position himself so that, with the wind to his back, his serenade would penetrate directly to the heart of his beloved.”

    ~Kevin Locke Learn More
  7. Native American Flute Music - Robert Mirabal - Taos Tales

    Robert Mirabal - Taos Tales

    In song, chant and music, Robert Mirabal tells stories of the land known as Taos. Learn More
  8. Carlos Nakai - Canyon Triolgy

    Carlos Nakai - Canyon Triolgy

    Fusing the latest in digital technology with the earthy, hollow sounds of the traditional Native American flute, Canyon Trilogy reflects the echoing melodies of the flute as they flow through the canyons and valleys of the vast Southwest. Learn More
  9. Sacred Place - A Mary Youngblood Collection

    Sacred Place - A Mary Youngblood Collection

    With rich vibrato and notes that melt into your heart, Mary Youngblood takes the artistry of Native American flute music to its highest level. Her song writings bring forth some of the sweetest original melodies ever performed on this instrument and the collection herein showcases the most sublime. Learn More

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