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Purses, Bags & Amulets

Purses, Bags & Amulets

  1. Native American Beadwork: Beaded Turtle Amulets

    Turtle Amulets w. Colorful Beadwork

    Artist, Kevin D. Fast Horse, honors American Indian tradition with these colorful beaded turtle amulets.

    Learn More
  2. Native American Beaded Blue Purse w. Butterfly - Beadwork Butterfly

    Native American Beaded Blue Purse w. Butterfly

    Native American beadwork artist Kevin D. Fast Horse, Sr. is a seasoned artist who has created many beautiful pieces over the decades. Kevin says "Once in awhile, I like to do something different, something that is not warrior like but of a more gentler nature like butterflies." Learn More
  3. Cheyenne Pink Beaded Bag w. Geometric Pattern

    Cheyenne Pink Beaded Bag w. Geometric Pattern

    Kevin uses this very rare shade of pink known around Indian country as "Cheyenne Pink" colored beads. Color was always important to the Plains Indians, it signified many different things. Pink is a rare color in nature and harder to make so when you could obtain the color you would only use it for the most important items you owned. Learn More
  4. Beaded "Dancing" Horse on Cobalt Blue Background

    Beaded "Dancing" Horse on Cobalt Blue Background

    Kevin Fast Horse exhibits his amazing skill with beads with this "Dancing" horse purse.
    Kevin always likes to use the really rich colors available via the hand cut glass Italian beads. The cobalt blue is rich but he also adds warm colors like brown and amber with a hint of green and light aqua blue. The actual bag measurement is (L) 13 by (W) 9 inches. Learn More
  5. Four Horses Beaded Skunk Bag - Beadwork

    Four Horses Beaded Skunk Bag

    The Plains Indians utilized all parts from the animals they hunted. The skunk was an animal that was respected as a Nation and it's use of scent to ward off predators was admired and utilized. Learn More
  6. Beaded Black Purse w. Wolf Image - Front

    Beaded Black Purse w. Wolf Image

    Kevin Fast Horse honors the Wolf as a Nation with this beautifully beaded purse. He further embellishes with a geometric pattern that represents the Lakota Oyate. Learn More
  7. Large medicine bags with beaded strip

    Native Medicine Bags

    Starting at: $18.00

    Each bag is decorated with a band of beadwork, long fringe along the bottom edge, and a few beads on the leather drawstring around the top of the bag. Learn More
  8. "Woman w. Umbrella" Quilled Bag

    "Woman w. Umbrella" Quilled Bag

    It’s a hot day and there is no better way to cool off at the Powwow grounds than under the shade of an umbrella - just imagine what a sight the opening of an umbrella must have been to the Native Americans who first encountered one. Portable shade would have been quite a treasure on those days when the sun burned down on the Northern Plains. Learn More
  9. American Indian Style Parfleche Envelope Case

    Parfleche Envelope Case - Large

    This museum quality piece is designed by Non-Native artist Dan Chapman. Learn More

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