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  1. Across the Wide Missouri

    Across the Wide Missouri

    With an account of the discovery of the Miller collection by Mae Reed Porter.

    This book is also illustrated with paintings by Alfred Jacob Miller, Charles Bodmer and George Catlin.

    The Rocky Mountain fur trade was the final act in a world drama that began with Champlain, with Columbus, perhaps with the Phoenicians who first broke through the Pillars of Hercules. European man had at last reached the Pacific and conquered all that lay between. In the last violent years of discovery, with which this book deals, the mountain men were sometimes the heroes, sometimes the villains, but they were always the first.

    Learn More
  2. Bards of the Little Big Horn

    Bards of the Little Big Horn

    Poems and stories of Custer and his troops leading up to the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Learn More
  3. Before Barbed Wire

    Before Barbed Wire

    L.A. Huffman ~ Photographer on Horseback.

    With 124 photographs from the famous L.A. Huffman originals.

    L.A. Huffman, the frontier photographer of Miles City, Montana, has been called the "Brady of the West" and indeed no other early photographer succeeded as well as he in recording the daily life of the pioneer West. Learn More
  4. Custer Died For Your Sins

    Custer Died For Your Sins

    An Indian Manifesto.

    At last, the much-abused Indian speaks back! In a brilliant, biting and witty manifesto, Vine Deloria, Jr. speaks for his people, the original Americans. CUSTER DIED FOR YOUR SINS is a totally unique and ironic tour-de-force, a shocking story of human waste, twisted legend and broken promises that have left the Indian the most maligned and least understood citizen in America today.

    Written by the late Vine Deloria Jr. one of the nations most beloved and respected Native authors. Learn More
  5. Out of Print Book - Dakota Indian Treaties: From Nomad to Reservation

    Dakota Indian Treaties: From Nomad to Reservation

    Beginning with "The Explorers", who introduced the horse to the Dakota in 1541 to the Act of June 2, 1925 which granted the Dakota citizenship of the United States. Learn More
  6. Exploring With Custer: The 1874 Black Hills Expedition

    Exploring With Custer: The 1874 Black Hills Expedition

    General George Armstrong Custer's journey to the Black Hills in 1874 was better documented that any other military expedition of the Old West. Not only did William H. Illingworth record superb views of the landscape and several camps, but at least fifteen men wrote diaries, reports or newspaper dispatches brimming with vivid detail. Learn More
  7. Out of print book - Fort Laramie and the Sioux Indians

    Fort Laramie and the Sioux Indians

    Laramie was probably the most important single landmark in the history of the Old West. It was originally a base of trail-blazing trappers who built the first fort. Then Fort Laramie became a refuge for pioneer families who migrated to the West and made their way over the Oregon Trail. A station for the Pony Express and Overland Stage was established at Laramie and it was there that the Army set up its operations in the wars with the Plains Indians. Fort Laramie also saw the coming of the cattle industry and the homesteaders. Learn More
  8. Out of Print Book - The Fort Laramie of Alfred Jacob Miller

    The Fort Laramie of Alfred Jacob Miller

    In part, the Fort Laramie of Alfred Jacob Miller is a narrative of how a talented American artist of 27 met a mdle-aged Scottish nobleman and shared an adventure that gave the world a unique documentary collection of important fine art. Learn More
  9. The Frontier Years

    The Frontier Years

    L.A. Huffman: Photographer of the Plains.

    With 125 photographs from the famous L.A. Huffman originals.

    Before the railroad came, in the time just before the last war with the Sioux, L.A. Huffman came to Fort Keogh as post photographer.

    He set up a studio in Miles City. He went into forbidden reservations among the Indians. He trekked through Montana territory, went on hunting expeditions for the bear, the buffalo and the buck. He ranched to make ends meet. He explored deep into Yellowstone country, made pictures there of sights no white man had seen before; and famous warriors and scouts loafed in his studio and told stories of the days of Sitting Bull, Joseph and Dull Knife and Little Wolf. Learn More
  10. Out of Print Book - Indian Treaties

    Indian Treaties

    Indian Legal Curriculum and Training Program of the Institute for the Development of Indian Law.

    Since the arrival of the Europeans, nearly 800 treaties between Indians and non-Indians have been signed. Over 400 treaties between Indian nations and the United States alone have been signed. Since these treaties set down on paper the basic rights by and among nations, they are very important in understanding some of the rights of Indian people today. Learn More

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