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  1. Buffalo Dancer - Don Montileaux - Print
  2. Bussels, Bussels - Don Montileaux - print
  3. Carry My Voice to the Four Winds -Don Montileaux - print
  4. Chief's Blanket - Don Montileaux - print
  5. Eagle, Bear and Buffalo - Don Montileaux - print
  6. Native American print by Paul Goble: Thanking the Spirits of the Buffaloes

    Thanking The Spirits of the Buffaloes

    The Buffalo Nation gave people meat and robes, covers for tipis, and almost everything else they needed. Learn More
  7. Native American print by Paul Goble: Sisters with Blankets

    Sisters With Blankets

    The Native American relationship with the Spirit world explained by the Blackfoot myth about the origin of the sacred Medicine Lodge. Learn More
  8. Native American print by Paul Goble: Sharing Sun's Warmth

    Sharing Sun's Warmth

    The man plays the love flute to the girl he loves. They share the Sun's warmth outwardly...and also in their hearts. Learn More
  9. Native American Image by Paul Goble: On the Ridge

    On The Ridge

    Amongst the ideas of Indian people about death is the belief that dying is like climbing up a long and difficult slope towards a high pine covered ridge on the Great Plains. Learn More
  10. Native American print by Paul Goble: Buffalo People

    The Buffalo People

    One of the the many sacred myths, Buffalo Woman tells the story of the mystical relationship between the Native American hunters and the buffalo. Learn More

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